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28 Nov / 2018Program by:
Featured: Paula MurphyLanguage: English

Golden Dawn – 50 Years Auroville 50 Births – Importance of Microbiome

This afternoon at Pavilion of Tibetan Culture within series of the events accompanying the exhibition Golden Daw – 50 Years Auroville 50 Births we had a chance to listen to very interesting and practical presentation of Paula Murphy on “Importance of Microbiome” and “Aurovilian Birth” . The act of birth as the beginning of life individually on this planet is a very important event of our lives, and as such should be sacred, respected, and as much possible close to the curse of the nature. We got to hear that all the modern delivering at the hospital do “robb” babies of very important part of the act – natural, and the best, microbiome of the mother’s body, which helps the baby to transit, and improve the immune system.
At the end Paula briefly talked about Auroville new birthing centre at Sante the Morning Star.