Photographer:Vita | Ulrike Photographer:Vita | sharing circle Photographer:Vita | reading stories of birth Photographer:Vita | Ehana dancing around the circle Photographer:Vita | caligraphy to conclude the story Photographer:Vita | Drupa painting caligraphy
09 Dec / 2018Program by:

Golden Dawn, 50 years Auroville, 50 Births – True Miracle of Birth

Last night for the end of the exhibition Golden Dawn, 50 years Auroville, 50 Births at Pavilion of Tibetan Cutlure gathered women read the compilation of stories on 50 births in Auroville, where all stories merged into one – story of Birth in Auroville.
As the evening was passing by, women celebrated the beauty, divinity of motherhood.
The exhibition, and accompanying events were trying to raise consciousness on on true miracle of birth.