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24 Dec / 2017Program by:
Featured: Adil WriterLanguage: English

Golden Sunbeams

Sunny afternoon was a perfect frame for yesterday’s inauguration of Golden Sunbeams at Matrimandir’s Boulder Garden. This was the first in the series of four, stretched over the Golden year, or Auroville 50th Anniversary, and it will be on view until 3rd of January 2018. On 1st of January , after early morning events it will be open to public again, otherwise all visitors who passes the Boulder Garden on their path to viewing point will be able to see it.
In short interview with curator of the exhibition Adil Writer we find out where the idea comes from, who is participating, and the next steps. As he says, there was an idea to showcase Auroville art outdoor in collective , which has not been done yet, and the team of Matrimandir supported the idea by proposing the Boulder Garden.
In this first edition are on display art works in different materials – from ceramic, wood, fiber glass….
and we can see works of Alexey Golubev, Henk Van Putten, Nele Martens, Priya Sundaravalli, Rkahee Kane, Sabirna Srinivas, Saraswati, Torkil Dantzer and Adil Writer.