Photographer:Giorgio | Hands holding Goldilocks Photographer:Giorgio | Transition's School students Photographer:Giorgio | No age is required to enjoy the puppet show Photographer:Andrea | Dancing Photographer:Andrea | Drumming Photographer:Andrea | The children of Udavi School
28 Dec / 2010Program by:


Time of Christmas, and magic of light it wouldn’t be perfect without the magic of the theater, fairy tales, and of course the puppet theater. Kristina and Julian brought to us the Goldilocks, classical fairy tale about three bears and naughty Goldilocks. But in their story Goldilocks turns out also to be very friendly and the little bear more open. The whole story is presented with beautiful prop set, scenery, and beautiful, hand made little puppets – marionettes, which they come to live under Kristina’s skillful hands. On Tuesday’s evening show children as well all the adults "felt” into the story, into the magic of puppet theater, …maybe remembering the childhood and long forgotten stories.


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