Photographer:Wobbli | David Nightingale
31 Jan / 2020Program by:

Good Music/Good Words n.10

David Nightingale speaks on Mobility.
Mobility here in Auroville has its problems. And its solutions, as David points out so clearly. Alternative mobility is a solution. It would look like pedestrian pathways followed by roads/paths for bicycles, then electric cycles, proceeding to electric bikes and scooters. These roads would not be shared with cars, trucks, and the various transports used for construction which would use an alternate route. As we are in fact building a city, construction is and must go on in our midst. Heavy vehicles damage the paved roads as well as pollute the environment …
As we go about our daily business we are generally going from point A to point B and usually in a hurry, with questionable awareness for the environment/wear and tear for the road on which we travel. Bringing a bit of consciousness to the future … the influence our choices of this moment impact the future … ah, that is the rub. David spoke of ‘education’ for all on this simple yet powerful perception. A perception that each of us can voluntarily choose.

Background music: Chris Thiles on mandolin: Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier