Photographer:Wobbli | Marlenka & Stefano
08 Dec / 2019Program by:
Featured: StefanoLanguage: English

Good Music/Good Words n.7

In the recording studio at AurovilleRadio, sound engineer Stefano (who is by the way the man who currently runs the radio) freely converses with Marlenka, longtime Aurovilian; she has performed over the years in a number of capacities, not the least of which has been in the radio, recording Sri Aurobindo’s Synthesis of Yoga.
Newcomer Stefano and Marlenka share a few of their perceptions and their beliefs of Auroville, its ideals, its present situation and, what they imagine may be solutions for some of the problems … agreeing that problems are challenges, actually gifts, allowing a clearer vision … and in particular, aspiring toward and clinging to what the Mother has repeated so very frequently: the Truth.

Background music comes from composer/musician Johann Johannsson (recently deceased). Extracts are from mp3 “Englaborrn and Variations”