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Sudipto Shekhar Mridha shares with us a Bengali Mystical Folk – fusion album Goudh Bhava

Manush More
na Kane
Shae Ki Amaar
Piya Mora
pothe Sain

Musically , Goudbhava is a travel of a spirit through generation and geographies.

Evolution of music is not younger than the evolution of human being. Let’s straight away accept this as a valid assumption without attempting to write a doctoral thesis on it. Just like since pre Stone Age people from everywhere went to everywhere mixing and getting mixed with the features that everywhere people had. This everlasting continuous mixing up is the way of improvisation of human as a race.

Same happened, happens, and will happen for music as well. Just like Khayal which is now the beautiful style of singing in Indian classical music was once considered to be lesser Indian and heavily influenced by so called Muslim (Middle Eastern) elements. Like music musical instruments from one region travelled to different region influencing the birth of several other new instruments as well as improvisation in the existing instruments.

Beautiful and strong harmonic and rhythmic body structure of western compositions hold the listener tight and helps the melody to get communicated. Such nature of western music is a product of the minds of the people in west their approach towards life. Ours is more towards the melody, it again is the product of our mind and our approach towards life.
People like Tagore thought of a process of exchange, each should take from the other and give something in return. That is what has been happening since the beginning of time. Any piece of composed music that comes to our listening is a proof of a process of fusion that has been in making since thousands and centuries.


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