Photographer:Gilles | Sharing
27 Feb / 2011Program by:

Grace in Change

On the third morning of Mutation II A Clearing Aurovilians were invited to share what they have learn in past twenty, thirty, forty…. years of living and working in, and for Auroville. Uma, who moderate the sharing, sees it as a humbling experience, but changes are clear, mutation is powerful, keeping everything in flux, although not necessarily with how we feel with what it should be. Most of the speakers are very much grateful for the extraordinary experience of growth of Auroville, which multiplicity in last few years is clearer also on the physical level – to some of them is obvious in the completion of Matrimandir. And if the early years Auroville was mostly moved by number of important people, who were driving force behind the progress, lately emergence of much more collective is present. Change in community in communication is evident, as evolution is ongoing thing, and collective yoga is taking place.