Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Hamish asks, What part am I? Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Hamish and the Pongal Cows Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Hamish and the grasshopper Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Hamish sings while playing the Autoharp Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | The powerful tiger story with Hamish Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Hamish speaks on love and death Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Q & A at the end with Fif and Hamish
14 Jan / 2019Program by:
Featured: Hamish BoydLanguage: English

Hamish Hits the Bulls Eye Performing LIGHT in DARKNESS

At CRIPA on Friday night, January 11th, Hamish handed in another amazing one man show which included his original poems, spoken-word, music-songs, and photos.
All the multi-media in the world will not replace or distract from an outstanding one man performance and Hamish shined – his talent is sterling!

Pondering and playing with topics from existence to what part am I, fear to fashion,
love to death, and power to boredom, Hamish moved us through a gamut of deep feelings and curious thoughts. He has a wonderfully acrobatic body style, a lovely singing voice and he plays a mean autoharp too!

Hamish is the performer and multi-media creator with the assistance of Christoph and the direction of Fif in this most entertaining and beloved show by one of Auroville’s finest performance artists.

At the end of this 30 minute show, there is a short but very sweet Q & A with a few of Auroville’s kids asking very meaningful questions – smile.