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Happiness, Love and Laughter – ep.19 “Sri Aurobindo’s Humour: The Process of Turning Ass to Elephant!”

Happiness, Love and Laughter

August 19, 2020 with Fif / MeDiClown Academy

EP. 19 – Sri Aurobindo’s Humour: The Process of Turning Ass to Elephant! – (8.03 min)

This week we dedicate our program to Sri Aurobindo, India’s great freedom fighter, philosopher, poet, spiritual teacher, yogi, Rishi. On August 15th, we aired a special program celebrating his birth anniversary which he shares with India’s Independence Day. Today, we replay part of that program with Deepti, who has lived in Auroville for more than 46 years, and is an Auroville educator at Last School. She shares a profound but highly humorous letter written by Sri Aurobindo, which argues on the necessity of a “process” before one can “turn the molecules of an Ass to that of an Elephant!”

Letters to Nirodbaran 6.02.1935 and 9.2.1935: “Process of Turning Ass to Elephant”



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