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Happiness, Love and Laughter – ep.21 “The Courage to Laugh: Better vs Bitter”

Happiness, Love and Laughter
August 24, 2020 with Fif / MeDiClown Academy
Ep. 21 – The Courage to Laugh: Better vs Bitter (10.00 min)

When circumstance and people pull you down, you have a choice to be better or be bitter. Discover the gratitude and allow humour to lighten your heart.

Savitri reference:
Book II: The Book of the World of the Traveller;
Canto III: The Glory and the Fall of Life; Lines: 287 – 297, page 124

Creation leapt straight from the hands of God;

Marvel and rapture wandered in the ways.

Only to be was a supreme delight,

Life was a happy laughter of the soul

And joy was king with Love for Minister.


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