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Happy Shiva

Here is part of the story of the Siva Temple in Irumbai, according to the people’s knowledge: It was built approximately 1400 years ago and people have been worshipping at this Siva Temple for the last eight generations. One of the many stories about how this temple came to be; once there was a Maharishi who meditated for many years and suddenly the land became dry, many animals died. The village people wondered what had happened. They discovered that through the Maharishi’s meditation, drought had come to the land.

The village people assembled to awaken the Maharishi: they brought a dancing girl to dance in front of him. She danced until her silumbu fell off her ankle. Finally the Maharishi opened his eyes, very angry. The Sivalingam broke into three pieces! The village people were shocked and frightened.
Asking the Maharishi what to do, he reassured them saying that one piece of the lingam would result in fertile, green land, another piece would become buildings and the third piece would become desert. Therefore the people decided to build a Siva Temple at Irumbai.
After many years, as no one was care taking the temple, it grew dark, full of weeds, undergrowth, and few people came to pray. In recent time a man who had come to worship Siva heard the voice of Siva at night, instructing that His temple be cleaned, refreshed again. Slowly others came to workship, the surrounding village met and the decision to repair and refresh the temple was taken.
A large celebration was arranged when the Temple was ready once again, to make Siva happy.
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