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07 Mar / 2013Program by:
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Happy Women`s Day!

On Monday, 11th March, 4 pm, at the Unity Pavilion in International Zone The community is invited by RAS for a second Information GM for the RA decision making process .Regarding Auroville as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the occasion of World Women’s Day the Auroville Health Centre is offering all women a test for Haemoglobin, an ECG and a Pap smear on 8tha dn 9th of March between 10-12. From March 9th to 21st at Pitanga will be held an Aikido Workshop Conducted by Andre Palmeri, 5th Dan- Makoto Dojo, from France.

As we progress and purify ourselves of our egoism, our friendship with the Divine becomes more and more clear and conscious…The Mother