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16 Jun / 2014Program by:

Health or Looks

On Saturday, 28th of June we are invited to a Residents’ Assembly Decision Making Process where we will deciding by YES or No on following statement “I agree to ratify the entire outcome of the selection process, – that is, of both the Auroville Council and Working Committee – as presented in the General Meeting of May 28, 2014, and published in the News&Notes [548 ] of May 10, 2014.” Calcium carbide treatment, which gives the fruit a misleading ripe, healthy look, is extremely hazardous because it contains traces of arsenic and phosphorus.

Concentrate in the heart. Enter into it; go within and deep and far, as far as you can. Gather all the strings of your consciousness that are spread abroad, roll them up and take a plunge and sink down.
A fire is burning there, in the deep quietude of the heart.It is the
divinity in you- your true being. Hear its voice, follow its dictates.
The Mother