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16 Mar / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Health, Science and Dance

Announcing a 5 day Wind/Solar Hybrid Workshop. A presentation of Bharatnatyam Classical Dance is being offered with images of Ashwini’s oil paintings. A salutogenetic communication group will be formed to discuss our total health. The University Of Human Unity Seminar will discuss Transhumanism. Can science heal humanity and conquer death? Will we create super-humans, or monsters? Sri Aurobindo and The Mother advocate Integral Yoga. Science advocates biomedicine and technology. Are we to become Spiritual Beings, or chip enhanced cyborgs?

For nearly forty years behind the wholly good I was weakly in constitution; I suffered constantly from the smaller and greater ailments and mistook this curse for a burden that Nature had laid upon me. When I renounced the aid of medicines, then they began to depart from me like disappointed parasites. Only then did I understand what a mighty force the natural health within me and how much mightier yet the Will and Faith exceeding mind which God meant to be the divine support of our life in this body.