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3000 runners at the 6th Marathon

Auroville Marathon 2013 - Run for the joy of Running. The sixth edition of the Auroville Marathon will be held on February 10, 2013. This year, we'll have over 3000 participants from Auroville, the neighboring villages, Sri Aurobindo Ashram and from other cities in India as well as outside India. The Marathon will start and finish at Auroville Visitors Centre. Listen to the interviews with the organizing team members Chandresh Patel and Balaji. Please click here to download a document with information about the event.


Comments: 1 Date: 09 Feb 2013

Triathlon a Running Success!

The Auroville triathlon, held last Sunday Sept. 16th, was a resounding success for all involved. The athletes had a great run (and swim and ride!), and the volunteers and supporters all came out to have a good time. This year's organizer Ing-Marie even participated herself! Listen in for sporadic coverage of the 5-hour event condensed into 14 minutes! Highlights include athletes sharing their experience, supporters cheering them on, and to close the broadcast, some wisdom from the Olympic round champion, Dominic. Start training for next year!

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Sep 2012

Helping Hands

Santosh, Ramesh and Sampath can be heard in this interview recounting their own experiences of the Auroville Marathon. Both Santosh and Sampath tell us how they pulled out of the first Marathon to help with the starts and the timekeeping and Ramesh describes his experience of doing the route marking for the first Marathon. Now, ahead of the fifth Auroville Marathon, these three men have their work cut out as they strive to make the event better than before! (This is the third and final edition of the 'Run with a Smile' series. Enjoy!)

Comments: 0 Date: 06 Feb 2012

Running with a smile

The Auroville Marathon ( is held in February each year and this year is the fifth anniversary of the event. This program contains interviews with Chandresh and Balaji, two organizers who make the Marathon possible. While Chandresh talks about how he first had the idea of having a Marathon for Auroville, Balaji goes through the challenges involved in organizing an event that has over two thousand participants from all over the world. The organizers closed the registration on the seventh of January.

On Sunday, the twelfth of February, early in the morning, all participants will line up at the start line and will challenge their minds and their bodies as they strive to complete a Marathon, one of the most difficult and exhausting challenges even for those who are young, strong and healthy. Completing a Marathon is all about overcoming pain and rising above our limitations. Participants suffer the heat and the cramps with a smile. When they fall, they pick themselves up and they limp and struggle to the finish line. But what is it all for? If you ask them, they will tell you something which will baffle you if you are not a runner. They will tell you that they run for the joy of running!

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Feb 2012

Ultimate Hat Tournament

Auroville hosted the third annual India "Hat" tournament during the first three days in February. Sports fields where used across the whole of Auroville with the finals held at Certitude on Sunday afternoon. Big thanks to Mark who as organized this third annual tournament in Auroville. Ultimate Frisbee uses similar rules as Basketball to pass the disk between players and have a score zone at both ends of the field similar as American football. Most unique is that there is no referee and the players call themselves faults being made.

Auroville Ultimate was formed 3 years ago. Every February, the Auroville Ultimate Club organizes tournaments with a format called Hat. Hat tournaments are tournaments in which players join individually rather than as a team. Teams are formed taking into account skill, experience, sex, age, height, and fitness level of the players in the attempt to form teams of even strength. There is a strong emphasis on forming new connections, on having fun and sharing knowledge within the Ultimate Community. Players of all levels take part in such events from world-class players to complete beginners. Ours is the only Hat Tournament in India allowing each player to prove themselves anew. It also allows to bridge differences among people from varying social and cultural backgrounds in an attempt to learn to work together and play as an effective team.We feel this format and sport reflect the spirit of Auroville and give an opportunity to youth and adults to come together to learn, have fun, and challenge themselves each at their own level. Our training sessions (Mondays and Saturdays at 5 pm in Certitude) include fitness, drills, and game time. ' ' '

Comments: 0 Date: 03 Feb 2013

Conversation with Aikido Masters

Cristo, an Aurovillian since 1974, along with Surya and others, is deeply involved in conducting Aikido classes for both children and adults at Auroville. In Feb 2012, he organized a workshop and to lead it, invited Jean-Pierre Pigeau, 6th Dan Teacher in Paris and executive of the French Federation of Aikido and Budo (FFAB). In this conversation with them we learn how Aikido helps one to balance the body and mind, and also how in a way this martial art connects with the philosophy of Auroville of 'transformation of the consciousness'.

English (but in parts with French translated to English)

Comments: 0 Date: 21 Feb 2012

Contributing to the Marathon

This program contains interviews with Ing-Marie, a participant in the upcoming race, Anand, one of the main organizers, Taj, a graphic designer closely involved with the event, and Saket, an Ashramite who enjoys volunteering and being part of the Marathon. Listen in to all these people who contribute to the event in their different ways and find out how they all come together to make the Marathon special. This is the second out of three parts of the 'Running with a Smile' series. To see the marathon route, click on READ MORE.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Feb 2012

Launching Auroville Marathon '13

Welcome to the Sixth Edition of the Auroville Marathon! Auroville proudly presents you the Sixth edition of the Auroville Marathon on Sunday, February 10, 2013. Started in 2008, it has soon become one of the popular running events in India. In today's program, we speak to four people who help us in making the event special. Chandresh Patel, founder and Race Director of Auroville Marathon; Ram Viswanathan, who ran all full marathon in all 5 editions of the event; Rajesh Vetcha, founder, Hyderabad Runners and Santhosh, Coach, Runners High.

We are inviting runners for participating in the sixth edition which we hope would be memorable experience for both the organisers and the runners. The organisers would leave no stone unturned in in providing the best of the facilities to the runners. We wish the runners practice well and enjoy running at Auroville. Runners can register themselves at and pay by cheque/draft or by credit/debit cards. We are also looking for coordinators who would like to volunteer to collect the cheque payment in different cities and help in consolidation. If you are open to help, please let us know by contacting us at or on our facebook page We welcome your comments and suggestions for the event as we launch our preparations.

Comments: 0 Date: 22 Nov 2012

Auroville Marathon – 5

Feel the heat, the enthusiasm and the buzz of the Auroville Marathon - 5, in which almost 2000 people participated. As Jesse announces the winners, Andrea interviews runners and supporters from all across the country and the world who share their experiences. It's not just about running, as we found out, it's much about experiencing a new terrain, a different climate, new people, and also making a promise to oneself to aim higher next time.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Feb 2012

Hat Tournament

Sports ground at Certitude, the field next to and Udavi sports ground were very lively past weekend with Hat Tournament , which is ultimate frisbee tournament a different way with mixed team, as Mark explained it to us. Twelve teams consisted of seven players played for four games (long 1h15m) in the morning and two games in the afternoon on all three fields. Ultimate frisbee is more self sponsored sport with clear spirit of sportmanship; ultimate is different, one has to keep it cool, know the rules, has to call it fair and work in a team.

Comments: 0 Date: 05 Feb 2012