Photographer:Juan | Matrimandir Banyan tree Photographer:Juan | Matrimandir Banyan tree
09 Jan / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Help for Matrimandir Banyan

Under the Matrimandir Banyan Tree John Harper speaks of how it looks here. Juan, professional tree pruner called in to cut the badly broken limb of the Banyan, cyclone damage. Juan offers a class in safe handling of chainsaws. All service connections in Auroville and surrounding villages without power since the cyclone struck. A total of 42 distribution transformers affected. Funding priorities: to restore Electricity, Water, Security, Access, and Shelter. Pavilion of Tibetan Culture: Lighting of Lamps and Meditation Tuesday Tuesday 7 pm.

True self-giving and power of choice are necessary qualities for those who live in the ordinary ignorance and illusion… true self-giving to the Divine of course means surrender… many live in the illusion that they have entirely given themselves to the Divine, yet preserve in themselves a very active ego… first acquire a perfect sincerity in order to be sure of not deceiving yourself; you must have clear evidence that it is truly the Divine Will which moves and guides you… Sri Aurobindo Thoughts and Aphorisms

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