Photographer:Anurag | Sampath is an ashramite and has helped the organizers over the years. Photographer:Anurag | Santosh, a teacher in pondy, is an enthusiastic volunteer. Photographer:Anurag | Ramesh does the route marking and is in charge of security. Photographer:Vimal | Auroville Marathon Logo 2012
06 Feb / 2012Program by:

Helping Hands

Santosh, Ramesh and Sampath can be heard in this interview recounting their own experiences of the Auroville Marathon. Both Santosh and Sampath tell us how they pulled out of the first Marathon to help with the starts and the timekeeping and Ramesh describes his experience of doing the route marking for the first Marathon. Now, ahead of the fifth Auroville Marathon, these three men have their work cut out as they strive to make the event better than before! (This is the third and final edition of the ‘Run with a Smile’ series. Enjoy!)