Photographer:Marlenka | Soleil and Wolfgan
11 Mar / 2011Program by:


What is it? It’s a healing method, which descends through the layers of the heart, finally reaching the place to access supreme Divine Love within the body. Thereby healing can occur. And conscious evolution can occur. The word ‘hladina’ is derived from the Sanskrit word Hladini. In his book, The Mother, Sri Aurobindo describes Hladini as a powerful ecstasy which flows from supreme Divine Love. He says this alone can heal the gulf between the Supramental heights of the direct Divine power of manifestation and the lowest levels of presently unconscious matter. All earth matter awakens with the Hladini Love and the manifesting power of the Supramental.

This is leading us to a new type of body and basis of a New Creation on earth. Soleil and her partner Wolfgang collaborate in this work; on their recent visit to Auroville, workshops were offered to appreciative participants, enabling individual healings and the training of Hladina healers. Many who know Soleil and Wolfgang look forward to their yearly sojourn in Auroville.


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