Photographer:Ariel | South Indian House
07 Mar / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Housing, Health, Gardening

Today’s news offers a variety of announcements starting with Auroville’s Housing Service, about to launch an Auroville Housing needs and resources survey which will provide information necessary for accurate planning for future housing., to be launched at the Housing meeting on 10 March. Next a reminder from Auroville Vehicle Service, followed by an invitation for Open House at Buddha Garden on Thursday and finally, also on 10 March, a powerpoint presentation by Sigrid will be made on New Classical Homoeopathy.

In one’s aspiration not to make mistakes, it’s a common tendency to reduce one’s needs, activities, words, food, active life…to eliminate any occasion for making mistakes; that becomes so narrow……it is not a cure. No. The cure is to act, to speak, to eat only under Divine impulsion, not confusing the Divine impulsion with one’s personal impulses….the Mother’s comments on an aphorism of Sri Aurobindo…

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