Photographer:Gino | Bala opening the door of his new room Photographer:Gino | The shared kitchen Photographer:Gino | Svenia from Housing Service handing key to Aditya Photographer:Gino | Sudakar entering his new accommodation Photographer:Gino | Mita distributing keys Photographer:Gino | Nicola with his daugheter Camilla (she has also received her key today) Photographer:Gino | Outised view of Humanscapes
15 Aug / 2018Program by:
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HUMANSCAPE (Youth Housing) handing the first keys

Beautifully designed housing estate at the center of Auroville, built with cost-effective materials, aiming at providing low-priced accommodation to Aurovilians and interns between the ages of 20 – 40 years.
Humanscapes offers an unconvential approach to housing. There are shared spaces such as recreation space, kitchen and toilets.
Today the first residents receive the keys to their new accommodation.