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Today’s musical edition is more in uplifting spirit of funk R&B and within sub tones of hip hop, aiming to cheer you up, and make you dance …. all those who might still remember, and those who might find it interesting, although it was done way before they were born.

D’influence – Hypnotize 
Akin – Stay Rght Here
Darwin Hobbs – Everyday 
Teddy P – Believe in Love (funky version) 
Soul IV Real – Come See Me 
Rosie Ribbons – Blink 
Jaheim – Ain’t Leaving Without You 
Aja – Shy 
Beverley Knight – Flavour of the Old School 
Robyn – Do You Know
Jamie Knight ft JayZ – Can’t Play Me
Jojo – Talking About You
3Rd Storee – If ever (so so def remix) 
Club Nouveau – Let it Go 
Veronica – Show Me Love (remix) 
Ginuwine – I’ll do anything (remix) 
Craig David – Fill me in (full crew remix) 
Da Nada ft Costa Rica – Love You Anyway
D’influence (ft Shola Ama) – This I Promise
Danielle ft 2b3 – Over and Over