Photographer:Marlenka | Sathiya
11 Jan / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Impact of the Storm

An interview with Sathiya, secretary for the Council; she is enthusiastic about this Council. Auroville Wood-link, an initiative of the Auroville Forest group seeks people to run, maintain and manage the project. The financial impact of the storm is devastating to many forests; there is a lot of timber on the floor, but the forest will not have any other source of income for the next 10 to 15 years. Concert on 7 January: French nomadic pianist Marc Vella with Ana, Hartmut, Suryan, Joy, Jivatman, Taranti, Caroline, Elisa, Anisha and Tiago.

Some boast of their love for God. My boast is that I did not love God; it was He who loved me and sought me out and forced me to belong to Him….one must see and love Life as God only…… excerpted from Thoughts and Aphorisms, Sri Aurobindo

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