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12 Feb / 2010Program by:
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In today’s news you can listen to an excerpt from last week’s concert’ at Pitanga performed by cellist Martin Merker and pianist Anna Adamik. The next music recital will be performed on the 13th of February (6 pm) at the Salle Auropax in Auromodel.We also have info about the Litter Free Auroville action: a recent initiative enacted in Auroville. A vision statement formulated as a result of this event:’ “We dream of Auroville area as clean as a first class operation theatre. We then dream of Auroville roads as “singing” roads, roads that pulsate with a rhythm of peace and harmony and beauty. We dream of enchanting landscapes and charming atmospheres in Auroville and that this will percolate its message of hope and goodwill all over India, the world, and pave the way for a happy and luminous future for all.” .