Photographer:Giorgio | From left: Priyadharshni and Sagarika. Both have presented a movie at the Auroville Film Festival 2011. Photographer:Giorgio | From left: Sasi and Danbe Photographer:Giorgio | From left: Rakhal and Uriel Photographer:Giorgio | Graham Photographer:Giorgio | The set Photographer:Giorgio | Mahana wearing original Film Festiva pendants Photographer:Manohar, Miriam | Butterfly -wind chime
02 Oct / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Incredible Playground for Kids

“The third and final discussion on Live AurovilleRadio from the Auroville Film Festival action station was concluded yesterday. The participants were Uriel, Rakhal, Sagarika, Priyadharshni, Graham and Danbe. And I got to moderated it. While Graham, Uriel, and Rakhal were film making instructors, Danbe, Sagu and Priya were participants in film making workshops. I tried to get a common definition for the topic that all participants including the younger members could understand and be comfortable with.

Though the adults all had high fluted defenitions we finally settled on the idea of film making as having fun as children would have fun in the playground.Using this as the gist of the discussion, we continued examining how much fun we all had, be it while instructing a film workshop or while participating in the workshop.
The younger members who had made film/s one time or other described and discussed the process and the content of their films.
During the break we got to look at few minutes of footage of the film making process of Danbe’s film and also parts of an interview she gave about the whole experience. She also went on to further discuss the process and content of the film live.
Uriel discussed his future plans about writing a book/instruction manual about film making and using open source software such as blender to edit. This book as been funded by Saiier and will be coming out some time early next year.
All in all it was agreed by everyone present that Film making apart from being an another medium of expression, is also a lot of fun…..” – By Sasi