Photographer: | Infinite: a meditation on light and colour - Photo Sebastian Cortes
18 Feb / 2007Program by:

Infinite: a meditation on light and colour

Sebastian Cortes presented in Kala Kendra a collection of large format colour photographs.“I reached Miami one day after hurricane Wilma had passed on and dissipated. I was captivated and drawn in to the soothing calm after the storm, with its peace and fleeting sense of tragedy. But a more profound feeling of unease also touched me, as I felt very aware that nature and mother earth had just sent a message: a vibration. As an artist, I have always sought to capture and transmit vibrations: small droplets of’ essence, which express basic human emotions.”

Sebastian Corts, from New York, has lived most of his adult life in Italy. He took up photography while attending’ New York University Film School. He works in the fields of fashion and lifestyle photography, while at the same time concentrating on portraits and working on personal research. He has collaborated with many Italian and international clients and publishers including Hachette, Rusconi, Conde Nast, Mondadori, Rizzoli, Hearst, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hyundai and CP Company. His books include Luoghi Poetici’ (Loggia dei Lanzi), a portrait study of Italy’s leading contemporary poets, which drew great critical
acclaim in Italy. Sebastian lives in Auroville.

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