Photographer:Ireno |  Paul, Wazo and Jessy
17 Apr / 2010Program by:

Insurrection of the Neo Urban Clowns

Eager to laugh at our home-made problems, inconsistencies and foibles, Aurovilians attended the 2nd performance of the newly revived, and technically advanced Genius Inc. performance on 17 April 2010. In which Leon finds that his Teashop happens to be on the ring road, His search for neo urban clowns in various departments and how to eliminate flies and mosquitoes the modern way, as well as his continued attempts at finding a crowd catching jingle for his caf. MC King is busy in his new flat writing rap songs and entertains his friends to a game of Auromonopoly. Meanwhile Rick continues to receive orders to produce videos, this time a documentary on Aurovilians eating habits, one in praise of the Potters Guild and another on Conflict Resolution. Along with guest appearances by Oceana and Anadi.


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