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Integral water on air – an introduction to this new radio program

We are like water drops, all different in our beautiful way

Welcome to Integral water on air, a new Auroville radio program dedicated to the water.

More that 50 years ago, the pioneers of Auroville begun to plant trees in a completely barren land. Water was the first need, and still today it plays a central role in the community, as in the life of the whole earth and each of us. Needed for the biological survive, water expands in many aspects of our daily life, from food to health, from sport to the fun!

We will talk about water in many different ways with interviews and music, to give voice to all the water lovers, listening to people that work with water, experience it in some interesting ways or just love it and help to preserve this wonderful, indispensable & full of life, blue-gold. I am part of that tribe, who feels even more alive when into the water…

To start this first introductory radio episode, let’s listen to an instrumental music track by Daniel Gunnarsson, a Swedish piano player and producer, who experiments with various sounds and play techniques to create his very own style with a unique piano – electronic crossover sound, perfect to relax or meditate, with a conceptual message behind the songs.

His words about water:

“A well becomes a puddle, a puddle a trickle, a trickle a stream and a stream a raging river. Ever-growing mass of water are thundering down the mountains, carving out their path through wide valleys, eventually coming to rest in the vast expanse of the ocean. From there, the fabulous journey starts all over again“.

So… welcome back to Integral water on air. This is just an introductory episode, so I’d like to share with you the content of the next sessions: the start will be dedicate to two of the most beautiful activity offered in Auroville, Watsu and Woga. And then every week we will touch very different water aspects: from the water fountains in the park of the Matrimandir to the homeopathic remedy TerraAqua; from the MyoFascial Release in Water to the Anatomy for Bodyworkres; from the AquaDyn to the process for Recycling water; from the importance of the water in our body to the sound therapy; from the Shamanic Aquatic Bodywork to the Water dance. Naturally, space will be given to water sports, from the Surf to the Scuba Diving, from the swimming to the aqua gym. And than books and fairy tales about water and some other little flowing surprise…

And finally, to conclude every episode, one more music track: the next one is from Nalini Blossom, UK singer and songwriter, sound healer, ceremonialist and workshop facilitator. Over the last 20 years, she has visited sacred sites around the world, studying with indigenous wisdom keepers : from the Amazon Jungle, to the High Andes, to the temples of Egypt, India and Central America. Her voice has been described as ‘an ancient and powerful transmission’, transporting listeners through the veils into timeless realms; her songs are deep prayers… and this one, is The Water Blessing Song. Enjoy it!


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