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09 Apr / 2016Program by:

Interest and Passion matters

Auroville Radio station had a guest from Pondicherry University Department of Mass Communication and Journalism on the weekend morning. Mr David Dinakaran, Masters student of Mass Communication and Journalism has been interviewed to know the general view on journalism and his reporting experience during Chennai Floods. He shared his happiness for Journalism and interest for mass media.

He said that, “One has to have immense interest and passion to serve society to take up the post of a journalist. It is not an easy task but a 24/7 job”. He also later added that interpretation is part of political journalism and there has to be a healthy journalism with inclusiveness of socio-cultural, political, economic and environmental aspects concerning the society.

In India, the career path for journalism is not much supported as there is less pay and therefore, students hardly show interest towards this amazing field.


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