Photographer:miriam | Peace Table at Unity Pavilion in International Zone Photographer:christian feuillette | Unity, National Museum of Ethiopia Photographer:julian lines  | Ethiopian audience at Red Cross Society TRaining Institute Photographer:miriam | panels on Auroville Photographer:miriam | panels Photographer:miriam | Curiosity Photographer:miriam | panels

International Zone…

On one of the lasts talks Jaya, Shivaya, Deepti, Julian Lines, Brook Teklehaimanot talked on projects for and within the international Zone. Jaya and Deepti started with general overview , and touched CIRHU (Center for International Research in Human Unity) which should be a hub and concentration spot for people to learn and grow through experiences, it should be center for all human unity… Shivaya and Julian talked about the Peace Table, made by George Nakashima. Shivaya continued with Unity Pavilion, Brook talked about Africa House.