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26 Jan / 2020Program by:

Interview with Bernard Alonso about Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Listen to Bernard Alonso and Nikki from JOI who came to AV Radio and presented next Permaculture Design Certificate Course with Bernard Alonso in Auroville, Anitya Community, 10th-22nd February. Bernard is a brilliant expert and experienced teacher from Quebec who loves bringing his valuable knowledge here in Auroville, a place that he defines particularly ready for this kind of work. After the 12day intensive course he will also offer a 3day-workshop about Human Permaculture in Youth Link in the end of February.

Bernard Alonso was trained by Permaculture Institute Kooknees (BC) with Gregory Lamoureux, Emilia Hazelip and later with Dave Jacke, the famous author of “Edible Forest Garden”. He especially mastered his experience in applying the principles of Permaculture on his farm in Rougemont (he initiated the idea “PERMA-Coop”). Since 1993, he managed the farm’s organic apple orchard, the gardens of Mother Nature and its CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, the school of Mother Nature (school educational program, where he taught more than 10 000 children a year in the framework of visits (school trips) sensitizing youth to nature, ecology and the joys of the farm. He also managed the Farm Equestrian Mont-Rouge, a renowned dressage stable. Since 1995, with the collaboration of the RHA and Gregory Lamoureux British Columbia, he organized on his farm several design courses in permaculture. Students of all ages and backgrounds participated there and some have now become permaculture practitioners and teachers. He wrote a book about what he calls ‘Human Permaculture’ that will be available in English in Janurary 2020. Thousands of books were sold all over the francophone world.

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