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06 Feb / 2018Program by:
Featured: Sri MLanguage: English

Interview with Sri M

We interviewed Sri M the day after Walk of Hope in Auroville and surrounding villages.

Below you can read our questions to which SriM has kindly replied:
– 00:00 How do you feel?
– 00:58 What would you think this walk is bringing to Auroville and the Bioregion?
– 05:22 We had two different walks, one on sunday and one on monday. What are the differences you feel between the two walks?
– 07:10 What is the highlights of your trip in Auroville?
– 08:51 What’s the impressions Auroville left on you, you have some other point of view on Auroville?
– 10:21 Have you any other last advice for Auroville?
– 12:13 How did you feel talking at Savitri Bavhan in front of all that Aurovillian People?
– 14:34 You sad you felt the connection with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother…
– 15:47 You want to say something about conflict transformation?
– 19:19 What is your idea of the future of human being?