Photographer:Mari | Chandresh
09 Feb / 2011Program by:
Language: English

It is Running Time!

Today we feature an interview with Chandresh, from the team of the Auroville Marathon. He explain us their ideas, wishs and needs for this very important event that is going to happen this next Sunday the 13th of February. Volunteers are more then welcome to come and help in this big happening! And we also share some announcements that impacts our daily life: L’Avenir Financial Report from Oct-Dec 2010 available in intranet, AV Health Fund new timings, Unending Education Portal, Eco Service changes and the resignation at the Auroville Library. And remember: tomorrow is the General Meeting on Housing day!

The side of thought is not enough; the side of delight too must be entirely grasped: Ideas, Forces, Existences, Principles are hollow moulds unless they are filled with the breath of God’s delight.Sri Aurobindo