Photographer:Giorgio | On the righ Jan V. Vanek on guitar. In the back-ground Estelle Koluda on violin. Photographer:Giorgio | From left: Estelle Koluda, Jan V. Vanek, Suresh Bascara Photographer:Giorgio | From left: Suresh Bascara, Estelle Koluda, Jan V. Vanek Photographer:Giorgio | Jan V. Vanek Photographer:Giorgio | Estelle Koluda Photographer:Giorgio | Jan V. Vanek Photographer:Giorgio | Suresh Bascara
08 Aug / 2014Program by:

Jan V. Vanek & Estelle Koluda

Many gathered past Saturday at CRIPA, Kalabhumi in Cultural Zone had a chance to witness unique talent of Jan V. Vanek on guitar, piano, flute … and Estelle Koluda on violin. Music from all corners of the world, played with intense passion and devoted energy has brought enthusiasm in the space, smiles to the faces and touched everyone.
Next Events:
Tuesday, 12th August: 7.30pm Unity Pavilion, Auroville: musical interactive dialogue with musicians from Auroville.
Saturday, 16th August: Concert at 7 pm, Restaurant Satsanga, Pondicherry.

Jan V. VANEK: Jan Vaclav Vanek, a born self-taught musician and true globe-trotter jazzman. From every corner of the world he does not return without bringing back new sounds with him. He is a guitarist of great talent, a composer, and interpreter and can play any musical instruments. He is a great listener and observer of music from all cultures.
Jan V. Vanek leaves behind a memorable experience for those who have met him and heard his music. Each time one hears him, it is beyond all appearances, a person of flamboyant virtuosity, always eager to communicate. Music inhabits his entire being and his presence makes us feel as if he has more things to offer. A rare musician who can take us beyond all boundaries into deep meditations.
Jan V Vanek has met several great artists during the course of his personal musical journey: Pierre Richard, Didier Levallet, Valrie Duchateau, Jean-Claude Michel, Amma in Kerala. He has performed all over the world, solo or accompanied by some of his faithful musicians : in addition he has played in several international guitar festivals such as in Prague, in Tahiti, in Jazz festivals such as Nice, Cluny, Rhino Jazz, Nevers, Porrentruy, many tours in Japan, China and in central Europe.

Estelle KOLUDA: Conservatoire de musique de Mulhouse -1989, France, Gold Medalist in Violin. Professor of violin from 1991 up to 2002. When she meets Jan V. Vanek, she abandons everything to work with him as a violinist and performed wherever invited with him. She has performed with Jan in all parts of France and in Tahiti also. She is a born genius. Music embodies her wherever she performs.



  • Béni Colson

    For Jan Vanek & Estella Koluda, please give them this little word :
    Hello Jan & Estella ! Je suis si heureuse que vous vous soyez rencontrés, je remercie, je remercie, je remercie (…) Et que vous soyez à Auroville !!!
    … Maintenant et pour toujours, que votre musique inonde tous les mondes, et puissions nous recevoir, recevoir, recevoir et donner à notre tour comme vous le faites… Je vous embrasse fort, fort fort et je suis avec vous : Depuis mon cœur Mercis par 10 000. Béni

  • Renu

    Wow! simply magic- Thanks for the good energy.