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Jazz Cafe

“Return of our American Brothers” was the working title of last night concert at Visitor’s Centre and was put together with enthusiastic energy of Amando and Dhani. ….and others.
Three sets of musicians with different musical styles, starting with Edo’s Band rendering some classical rock pieces, Amando and Dhani with Peter on drums continued in it but at the last set jazz lovers came on their expense.
In this one we heard Dhani on guitar, Shanks on guitar and trumpet, Matthew on saxophone, Rolf on bass, Shakti on piano and Suresh on drums.
We know that we have some great “home” musicians which has been proven over and over but last night went even higher that that. Amazing

kudos to Matthia for sound



  • Anita devanandan

    Hi Dhani and Armando,
    Great Music !!!! It was Smoooooooth and cool. It sanctifies your soul. ULTIMATE!
    Keep it up . We Miss having you around and listening to the wonderful music you make.
    Anita Moses and Ryan 🙂

  • Anita devanandan

    Hi Dhani and Armando, Great music!!!! It was smooth and cool. It sanctifies your soul.. Ultimate! Keep it up. We miss you and the music. Love and hugs Anita Moses and Ryan. ???

  • Sheila

    Hi Armando and Dhani! Your music is so easy to listen to. I’m at work and really enjoying the smooth sounds. Very transforming. 🙂