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Photographer:Manoj | Marlenka Ashaman, Suresh Photographer:Manoj | selling raffle tickets for support of potters market Photographer:Manoj | withouth Joel, hm, no sound, i guess Photographer:Manoj | Ahilya Photographer:Manoj | Swaha with Blues Band Photographer:Manoj | Anna Taj with the band Photographer:Manoj | Josh with the band

Jazz Cafe no1at Visitors Centre

Program by :

The First Jazz Cafe of this year at Visitor’s Center last night was trying to promote and support the Potter’s Market which is still going on for the next two days.
In a relaxed atmosphere with friends and family, a rising full moon over the palm trees …. and many musicians….. a sure recipe for a successful evening.

We have heard many great songs, improvisations, and we had a good time chatting with friends, eating Johnny’s ragi dosais….and more …

once more talent, creativity, dedication of the community came forward …

kudos to Joel for great sound, without whom the event would hardly be possible…but of course there are many others, starting with Rolf and Ange, as main organizersalong with Paul as MC, many AV singers, musicians….plus some guests

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25 Jan / 2016

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Marlenka Ashaman, Suresh
selling raffle tickets for support of potters market
withouth Joel, hm, no sound, i guess
Swaha with Blues Band
Anna Taj with the band
Josh with the band