Photographer:Nila | Joachim Eble
16 Jan / 2019Program by:
Featured: Joachim EbleLanguage: English

Joachim Eble's Thoughts after Collaborative Planning Workshop

For Joachim Eble was a deep personal experience to come and work at Auroville because after seeing the image of Galaxy in October 1968 his life path has changed for good. He became one of the first pioneers in architecture applying the health aspect in it. Especially the health of humans, which was later joint by aspect of health of the environment, and out of those 2 streams were created. Today he is know as Architect, Urban Designer, Eco-Strategies, Eco-Design, Spiritual Design, Co-operative Housing and Living Communities.
In our conversation we touched the geomancy, and other practices which does consider the Mother Earth as living organisem which should be consider while planning or building either singular structures or neighborhood or planning a city.