Photographer:Tahereh | Vivek and Charlotte Photographer:Tahereh | Vivek and Charlotte
07 Sep / 2018Program by:

Join the World Clean Up Day on 15th of September

Charlotte and Vivek , our volunteers, one at Wastless, the other at Futures School, passionate about our environment proposed that the whole community join the World Clean Up Day on 15th of Septmeber.

Ithe World Clean Up Day, where more than 3 million people in 150+ countries will join hands to clean up their direct environment. This event is an initiative from Let’s do It India and is supported by the UN Environment Assembly.
Charoltte and Vivek wanted to join a group for that special day but noticed that none existed around here. So they decided to put Auroville on the map for this global event and historical date, and bring to light some of the issues around waste and its management here, through this event.
They are inviting everyone staying in Auroville to get involved to clean up outside their communities, or any other place inside the green belt (Ecoservice cannot absorb trash collected outside Auroville) on the 15th September morning.
The waste will have to be collected before 9.30am and people can call Ecoservice to get their waste picked up. Eco-Service will be providing bags and some gloves. For that, people can call them before the event to get what they need for the clean-up.
All the waste collected will be brought and weighted at Eco-Service at 10am, where the event will take place. Together we will look at the collected garbage, weight it, and see what can be done with the trash. Hopefully some ideas will emerge on that day. There will be snacks and juice for every one there.
The hosting groups of the event are Ecoservice, Wasteless, AV clean up group, and Upcycling .