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09 Jun / 2020Program by:

Journey to the Soul – Day 4 “Through the cave of the heart to the soul”

We are on the last day of our double journey. We have been to the World Soul with King Aswapathy. Now we travel with Savitri on the most interesting pathway in our subtle body; through the cave of the heart to the Immortal soul. Savitri will meet the Triple Soul Forces and experience a Night of God. When Savitri finds her soul, Sri Ayurobindo describes how the Kundalini force, asleep in her lowest chakra awakens and rises in her subtle body. We will see what happens when the Divine Mother opens each chakra from the Crown Chakra at the top of her head, down to the Root Chakra at the base of her spine. Then we learn what happens in our life and how we are changed with the awakening of each chakra.


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