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12 Mar / 2020Program by:

Journey to the Soul – Day 2 “Through the vital planes”

Journey to the Soul – The second day

Travelling Up Through Our Individual Vital and The Universal Vital Planes

In Loretta’s talk today, we travel with Savitri as she makes her way through the huge crashing waves of vital energy that normally flood the human vital. We see how we can be affected by strong lower energies. And we see how we can be carried away when we have not mastered our own energies and the energies that come into us. Then we travel with King Aswapathy as he takes the dangerous journey all the way down to the bottom of the Inconscient to solve the mystery of life’s pain and struggle in human beings. As we travel, we have Sri Aurobindo’s teachings about adverse forces, hostile forces, possession, and vital beings: what they really are, how they have shaped history in the past, how they affect the world today, and what we can do about it.


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