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Journey to the Soul – Day 1 “Entering the inner worlds”

Journey to the Soul – Talk One

Introduction and Entry Into The Inner Planes of Being

The Soul – Its Source, Its Function, Its Role In Our Evolution

The first major step in the practice of Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga is to realize our individual soul. Sri Aurobindo said he used his writing of Savitri as an exercise of putting consciousness in writing. As he was doing his own yoga he changed what he had written according to the new level of consciousness he achieved. He described two journeys from the outermost part of a human being through all the planes of consciousness from the most gross to the most subtle, the soul. Savitri makes the journey to her own soul in her heart chakra at the center of her subtle being. This is her yoga to realize her soul. Savitri’s father, King Aswapathy, is already a soul-realized person. He makes the same journey for a different reason. He travels consciously and simultaneously through the planes of his own being and through the universal planes of being to the World Soul, in the heart of the world at the Centre of Creation.

First we travel with Savitri through one part of our subtle being, and then we journey through the same part with the King. Sri Aurobindo wrote each journey as a different teaching and a different experience. He wrote his own yoga history in the journey of the King, and Savitri’s journey is the Mother’s journey.

Today we enter the inner worlds from the outside and begin a wonderful journey with two most remarkable people; Savitri and King Aswapathy.


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    purtroppo l’audio ogni tanto salta e non si riesce a riprendere, per favore controllate se è un difetto di trasmissione o se succede solo a me, grazie
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