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Kadhai Ketpoma-Ep.2 “நீ நதி போல ஓடிக்கொண்டிரு ” (Surge On Like a River)-“கயமை”

Bharathy Bhaskar is a Banker, Television Personality, Motivational Speaker and a Writer. Her Speeches are multi-dimensional, humorous, contemporary, thought-provoking, passionate and most importantly, she knows exactly how to connect well with an audience.

“Nee Nadhi Pola Odikkondiru” is a collection of her essays focused on women-centric issues at home, work and society. These nuggets of wisdom primarily draw from the author’s life experiences and her empathetic observations of the people and situations around her. She touches upon various issues such as lost friendships in women’s lives, expectations from family, lack of appreciation, importance of personal care, taking ownership of finances etc. It’s a pleasure to read how she links each issue to that of a flowing river.

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