Photographer:Andrea | Kardivel and his percussions. On the back the Ghatam (South Indian pot). Photographer:Andrea | Yuva Veena. This instrument is still on the making. Photographer:Andrea | Manikandavan on Thavil, the South Indian temple drum. Photographer:Andrea | Srirman on Yuva Veena. This instrument has been created by Srirman. Photographer:Andrea | Natureband fusion music. Photographer:Andrea | Kadir. Photographer:Cripa | Concert poster

Kadirvel – Fusion Natureband

Last Friday night, a great musical event was held in Cripa, Kalabhumi: Kadirvel and his intrumental Fusion Natureband.’ Accompanied by Sriram on Yuva Veena and by Manikandavan on Thavil, Kadirvel delighted us with their performance. The trio was quite incredible and the hand drum showed an extraordinary ability to create a state of euphoria. It induces a trance that helps to release anger. A real feeling of community, unity and well being was tangible. Kadir is the world record holder for playing Ghatam (South Indian pot) continuously for 26 hours.

He is a multi-instrumental hand percussionist and his performance instruments are: Ghatam (South India pot instruments), Ganjira (frame drum of South India), Udukkai (hour drum of South India), Djembe (percussion instruments from Africa), Bangos, Udu, Udu Utar and Udu Udongo (pot drum from Nigeria). You can visit Kadir’s blog at