Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Rumba - Paul, Karthick, Prasantho, Kento Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Paul Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Karthick Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Kento Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Prasantho Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Karthick Photographer:Piero Cefaloni | Paul

Kalabhumi Goes Live – Rumba Plays Fusion Flamenco

On 27 October 2018, Kalabhumi Goes Live closed the evening with the debut performance of artists who had met just a week earlier and combined their original compositions with the music written by Paul who plays Flamenco guitar and sings Spanish vocals. Accompanied by Karthick who produces freestyle poetry and vocals in Tamil & English, Kento played Bansuri Flute in a North Indian classical style and Prashanto excelled on the Djembe & other percussion instruments.

The audience was strongly enchanted by the soulful and power packed music carefreely rendered by Rumba. The audience grooved to their passionate music and also wandered through a mixture of spontaneous emotions.


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