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24 Aug / 2018Program by:

Kalabhumi Studio Collective planning for 1st Anniversary Live Music Fair

On 23 August 2018, the Kalabhumi Studio Collective meet at Aurovelo to finalize plans for their 1 Year Anniversary, Live Music Fair, Kalabhumi Goes Live!
This anniversary celebration is also a fundraiser for the infrastructure and equipment repairs needed for this acoustically renowned and constantly used music and performance venue. The collective is made up of musicians, singers and art lovers who share the vision of raising the awareness of its talent and the importance of the Kalabhumi venue, which includes an outdoor amphitheater and performance hall.
The big news is that the event will feature two popular Indian rock bands Grey Shack from Chennai and Thermal and a Quarter from Bangalore taking stage at 8PM.
The full line up begins at 4PM with Auroville’s All Star Blues Band, followed by Soul Cypher, Dhani Muniz Band and Eddie Jazz Trio.

The collective members have been planning and working over the last month to assure that everyone attending will hear great music and enjoy delicious refreshments also provided by its members and further donations from other Auroville units.

This is a free event open to all but there will be a registration required for those coming from outside Auroville. The collective expects a safe and happy family event and asks you to please respond generously to the fund raisers who will be walking around accommodating your donations.

(Article by Maryliz)