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18 Sep / 2018Program by:
Featured: KalouLanguage: English

Kalou on Her Path, and Eluciole Circus

Kalou, heart and soul behind Eluciole Circus at Miracle shares her story….
Throught her love for children, and passion for body work, which started with fire, continues in the air, with arial exercisers, radiate through . Her heart and passion, gracefully shared with numerous children and youth of Auroville, now already the second generation….
And she would like to see that her work will go on ….

Eluciole comes from the French word for firefly, named after the many beautiful light bugs that illuminate the forest around the circus centre in the evening, gifting their magical faerie light to the centre and remind us that we can too fly high and shine our light. And so is our small wonderful circus centre located in Auroville, India, Founded in 2012 by Kalou


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