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29 Oct / 2015Program by:
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Landing Auroville, ARA

Land Board announces – Landing Auroville, new film created by Rakhal and Auro-Image in cooperation with Auroville’s land fundraises.

Thursday, 5th November, at 4pm at: Unity Pavilion, International Zone we are invited to an Active Residents Assembly (ARA) – an introductory meeting

On Wednesday 4th at 8pm sharp at CRIPA LECTURE-CONCERT on Italian language and music by Stefano Ragni, Italian researcher, teacher, musician, journalist who is touring the world by performing a lecture-concert on the history of Italian language through music, a long journey that spans from Vivaldi to Einaudi.

Deepawali(festival of light) in Upasana on Wednesday 11th of November from 6 pm onward.

The ego thinks of what it wants and has not. That is its constant preoccupation.
The soul is aware of what it is receiving and lives in endless gratitude.
The Mothe


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