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31 Jul / 2012Program by:
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L`Avenir Selection Process

LAvenir: the body responsible for planning the city, for sifting through the differences in perspective between adhering to the past with its firm guidelines and the present, aware of the current situation and its needs with full respect for the past and hopefully coming up with a workable synthesis…a selection process to place 10 new lAvenir members for a 4-year term of office is in process, to establish a new and harmonious team. RAS team member Jesse shares whats happening this morning, the final day of the deliberation process.

It is a mistake to think that we live physically only, with the outer mind and life. We are all the time living and acting on other planes of consciousness, meeting others there and acting upon them, and what we do and feel and think there, the forces we gather, the results we prepare unknown to us, upon our outer life. House of the Agenda.