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08 May / 2012Program by:
Language: English

Let`s Use the Aura

From B, for Cooperatif Cosmique: Jan. 1st 2012 the Aura note began to stir in Auroville, a new, small step, highly symbolic; there are three ways of financial exchange in Auroville: account numbers, guest cards, cash and Auras. All four are debit capital economics, ultimately regulated by a few people who manage the International Monetary Fund. Contact B: 994 353 2829. On water: That seawater desalination is the only solution is an terror: the recommendation is multi-sourcing.Clarity on the water situation is the intention.And multi-sourcing.

*****some timeless wisdom: its all about choice. You choose how you react to each situation. You choose how people will affect your mood. You choose to be in a good mood or in a bad mood. The bottom line: it is your choice just how you think, what thoughts you choose to entertain…and therefore how you feel, how you interact with others…


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