Photographer:Neha | In conversation with the team Photographer:Neha | Performance Photographer:Neha | Exhibition held at Kalakendra Photographer:Neha | Drumming away Photographer:Neha | Musicians at work Photographer:Neha | The crowd watching over the performance
21 Mar / 2017Program by:
Featured: LFA organisersLanguage: English

Litter Free Auroville Day 1

Litter Free Auroville is an initiative put forward in order to eliminate waste from Auroville by using creative means. The first day we witnessed performances where plastic and other waste products were used as instruments. The exhibitions also opens up an array of creative ways these wastes can be used innovatively. We also spoke to the organizers of the event who gave us further clarity on the aim behind the initiative.

For more details on the event, do check out the link:


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